Monday, February 27, 2012

Lord Natraj

Indian dance can be described as an amalgamation of 'nritta' (the rhythmic elements), 'nritya' (the combination of rhythm with expression) and 'natya' (the element of drama). Nritya, when combined with nritta, is featured in most of the stage performances. Nritya comprises of abhinaya that depicts rasa (sentiment) and bhava (mood). To enjoy Indian Dance (Natya or dance drama) thoroughly, one has to understand Indian legends. Indian mythology is predominant amog these dances. The Indian dances also depict the ethos and values of the Indians. One of the popular Indian dance forms is the dance of 'Nataraja' which is popularly called the cosmic  dance of lord shiva.

Lord Shiva, the King of Dances, predominantly features in the India dance forms. His cosmic dance conglomerates creation, preservation and destruction. Nataraja's dance is the symbolic representation of human life, which depicts that ultimately, the good and the evil are neutralized. In the pose of Nataraja, Lord Shiva holds a small drum (damru) in his upper right hand, while his lower right hand shows the gesture (abhaya), which represents the negation of fear. The upper left hand of Nataraja is in half-moon pose (ardhachandra mudra), which holds a tongue of flame which is the fire (agni) that finally destroys the world and  is then quenched in cosmic waters.
Nataraja's hand, holding the drum and the one holding fire balance the forces of creation and destruction. The second left arm is held gracefully across the chest (gajahasta mudra) with the hand pointing to the uplifted foot, which denotes favor or grace for the devotee. One foot rests on Apasmara or Mauyalka, the embodiment of human cruelty and ignorance. Surrounding Shiva's figure an immense aureole of flames emanates from him.


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