Monday, February 27, 2012

Ghungru-a basic requirement

Little Bells:

Ghungru is used in the dance performances in India from the ancient times. India itself is known for its rich cultural heritage and its aesthetic sense for dance and music. Ghungru is also known as the Dancing Bells. It is wore at the ankles by the dancers. The Ghungroos are very much in use in the Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, and Odissi performances.

Ghungru is a small metal bell usually made of brass. There are numerous small metal bells that are strung together to form Ghungroos. There are tiny iron balls inside the bells that makes the metallic sound. The sound of the Ghungru is matched with the rhythm produced by other Musical Instruments like tabla during a dance performance. But the sound produced by the metallic bells depends on the size of the bells. The Ghungru is used to maintain the rhythm and the tempo of the dance steps. This Musical Instrument of India is also used in the folk dances performed in the villages of Himachal Pradesh, India. But mainly this Musical Instrument is used during the classical dance performances.

The string of Ghungroos are worn just above the ankle by the dancers. The number of Ghungru can vary from fifty to more than two hundred. The number of the Ghungru depends on the expertise of the performers. Generally a dancer in the initial days of her career uses only fifty Ghungroos and gradually keeps enhancing the number. The audience are able to grasp the difficult yet beautiful footwork used by the dancers during a performance.


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  3. well written!!!!
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  4. One of the item which is very common in indian culture but in most asian countries ghungrus are not considered good. Anyways, good post

  5. ghungru is mostly used in india and usually use for different types of dances in ancient times ghungru was mostly used for dance and to create different tunes but in some countries ghungru also used in daily basis as a fashion now a days